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About The Company

History of Rosh Limited

Rosh Limited starts since 28 January 2004. Rosh is the result of the dream & tremendous effort of Engineer Hasnat who is the founder owner of Rosh Sweets. Prior to cringe Rosh, I have realized that the quality of sweet in a reasonable price is very tough to get in capital city. During that time once I have been to a traditional shop in Dhaka city and inquire one salesman to give me a Roshgolla, I tried to eat, but at that time when I started eating that Roshogollah, I feel there was no milk smell, may be they put wrong sugar and most important thing is that inside the Roshogollah there is hard part which I can’t eat properly.

Key of success

Time goes, I feel that I need to make one sweet shop. But how it’s possible? Basically I am a BUET Engineer and always doing engineering work. I have no ideas about how to make sweets. In my family there was no one who has any experience or history on making or involving in sweet making. But I have not given up, I was determined to make a sweet shop, doing hard work to learn a lot about sweets, do research & setup my mind to do it.

I felt that some steps I need to follow:

1st:  The name should be unique & should be patent registered. I have decided that the name should be ROSH Limited which is very easy to recognize, very much related to sweet and attractive. To do this, I take the help of Bangladesh Charukola Institute.

2nd: I also decided that the sweet should be made from pure cow’s milk. Every day we will make sweet from the fresh milk and fresh sweet should be sold out within 24 hours. So customer will get the cow’s milk flavor no extra artificial flavor we will not be added. I promised myself that I will not use any color & any preservative & my all ingredients should be healthy.

3rd: I have thought that the box & shop design should be unique & food should quality with affordable price.

4th: All staff be well trained & morally happy and willing to serve customer efficiently. Keeping in this mind when we start to make the sweet. We hired some experienced sweet maker.

5th: I encouraged some engineers, cartoonist and respectable person of the society and showed my idea and engaged them in developing and executing my dream.

New Product Concept

After thatduring the developing the sweets like Roshgollah I have to work a lot and prepared sample so many times & throw it as because it was not satisfying my own & team’s choice.

At that moment, I suggested the sweet maker to create some new sweets. In the background of delicious sweets, there should be some engineering ideas too. That’s time, I with my team made this sweet is mainly make from fresh milk’s chana. As per procedure, 1stchana is boiled & then make it cool & then again boiled and then again cool in cold water.


Now we shortly brief, what effort’s he take with his team to make a number 1 brand of delicious fresh sweets in the country.

According to the conversation with Engineer Hasnat, he say’s –

So the intermolecular space of the sweet will be bigger. So when we put the cold chana into the entire Shorr of cow’s; the shorr enter easily inside the sweet & make a mouthwatering delicious testy sweet called milk (Khir Like MALAYSORAI )

In additional to this we Rosh make soft Roshgollah, Khirmohon, Lengcha,chomchom with khir, Roshcha, bigger sweets like cake,Majrati Sandesh and andspecial curd but less sweet,Shadikacha vogue, foyer couple sweet Rosh etc.

About 8.1 million of sweet every year we produce from fresh milk to serve our valued customer to make them happy.


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